Hello everybody! My name is Belsheber Rusape Jr.(born November 7, 1997), but you can just call me Bel. I'm an African born voice actor based in Texas, spending every day working hard to make fantasies into a reality. Voice acting has been my passion as a kid, and has been my job since 2016.


As an artist, voice actor, and writer, my workflow consists of diving into a fantasy world in order to deliver the best immersion I can give. Over the years, I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to work with well known projects such as Lackadaisy, My Hero Academia, Horimiya, NIMA, XOXO Droplets, Grand Guilds, and The Saint's Magic Power is Omnipotent to name a few.

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Photos by
Morgan Lea


"Working with Bel was an amazing experience and I really hope to do it again sometime. His positive attitude made the project that much more fun to work on. I could trust him to be punctual with his lines and he always gave a variety of readings that fit the character he was portraying. Sometimes he'd do ad libs that were so great they ended up in the final script. When retakes were required he submitted then in a timely fashion and kept production running smoothly. I'd highly recommend him to anyone looking for a VA!"



"Belsheber Rusape approaches his role on Pipe Dream with a genuine enthusiasm that is very heartening to work with, taking pains to understand the character on a deeper level to produce a nuanced performance. He is receptive to feedback, friendly, and actively invested in the project’s success. Throughout the span of recording he has been very easy to contact, responding quickly and reliably, and has also been very supportive towards the other members of the voice cast."

-Notome Games

"Belsheber gives off a professional air and reliability to his work, a pleasure to do business with. I'm always impressed with the service he provides as voice actor. He portrays characters with a lot of effort and is quick to send in lines way before the deadline, something I can't say for all of the others I've worked with. If asked, he can also provide excellent feedback for the project he's working on, which in many cases, has helped me more than it sounds. 
I wholeheartedly recommend him for his talent, efficiency and dedication for the production of any project."


" Belsheber is a competent and thorough voice actor with a broad emotional range. Determined to give his best performance, he is ready to accept coaching and give whatever retakes are necessary to help a director achieve their vision. A pleasure to work with!"

-Genma Bright(Founder of Niftihalo Studios)

"Belsheber has been a great guy to work worth. Even though he deliverers on his roles at a surprisingly fast pace, he never sacrifices on the quality of  his lines and sounds professional every time. I highly recommend checking him out for your projects."