Belsheber Rusape Jr.

Non-Union VO Talent


Kakeru Sengoku | Horimiya (FUNimation Entertainment)

Damian Goltz | The Saint's Magic Power is Omnipotent (FUNimation Entertainment)

Ending | My Hero Academia (FUNimation Entertainment and Cartoon Network)

Extras | My Hero Academia (FUNimation Entertainment and Cartoon Network)

Warney | One Piece (FUNimation Entertainment)

Nekozaemon | One Piece (FUNimation Entertainment)

Extras | The Case Study of Vanitas(FUNimation Entertainment)

Extras | Scarlet Nexus(FUNimation Entertainment)

Extras | Hanebado (FUNimation Entertainment)


Freckle | Lackadaisy (Fable Siegel and Tracey Butler)

Sven Nazomi | Nima (Rossdraws)

Pirro | Cyclone (Ava Hauser)

Hyuu Tigris | 8SEN (Lunick/Shougetsu)

Arc | Nomads of Korsun (Joseph Schwab)

Kessler | Nomads of Korsun (Joseph Schwab)

Korbin | Nomads of Korsun (Joseph Schwab)

Extras | Wild Card (Alex Bahrawy)

Altan | Lantern (KTG Writes)

Travis | Fall Out Breaker (GirlyWolfPup)

Duke Thomas | Webtoons and DC Comics(Batman: Wayne Family Adventures)

Claud Cheng-Romano | Checkmate: The Game of Life (Vexin Lynn)

Darian Mariga | Coffee with Honey (Vibrantly Cool Productions)

Greg | W.A.T.S.O.N. Your Mind (Nilo Studios)

Evilce Millani | Time’s Puppet (Sanaku)

Alex/Wings | Underpowered (James Boylan)

Alex | Shattered Heaven (Adam Tilford)

Erik | Kina’s Adventure (Magpie V Raven)

Travis Star | Kina’s Adventure (Magpie V Raven)

ACE-1 | Sandaroo and the Super Kids (Sandaroo Kids)

James “Jimmy” Wilson | Sow Don’t Sing (VaryuPon)

Oscar | Competitive Market (George Edwards)

Video Games:

Marcus | Rush Attack(Albert Pierre)

Nate Lawson | XOXO Droplets Franchise (GB Patch Games)

Darryl | Top Run (Katata Games)

August Thorne | Alea Lud (Double Down Games)

Felix | Lovingly Evil (Lizard Hazard Games)

Akio | Pipe Dream (Notome Games)

Vadim | Night/Shade (KingAsphy Studio)

Male Avatar | Midnight Wave (Andrew Walthall) 

Prince Marco Triton | Grand Guilds (Drix Games)

Nyx | Havoc Fox (HavocDusk)

Wallah | Class of 09 (SBN3)

Extras | Sands of Aura (Chashu Entertainment)

Benjamin | Poseidon's Orb (Transparent Games)

Misc. Characters | Sinsations(Whitehand)

Aiden Jager | Tailor Tales (Celianna/Pixanna)

Rafael | The Pretender’s Guild (CapMinyan)

Sam Schrodinger | Solar Sails (Yevgeny Blinov)

Mad Doctor | Diacrisis (Luan Prates)

Narrator | Kura5 (Kura5)

Audio Drama/Narration:

Davis/Solomon | Soul Sheet (CJ Heineman)

Kayin | Casual Magics (Steve Spalding)

Extra | Zoolaplex (No Studio in Particular)

Raze | Vagabond (Pristine F.)

Tom | Fiona Five (SJ Productions)

Narrator | Misc. Informative Videos (Accdon LLC)

Morgan Godwin | ALICE Trailer (Jordan Rudolph)


Lewis | AccuLip (Reallusion)

Talent Coordination:

Kids WB at Best Buy | Casting Help (SBN3)


Private Sessions & Consultations w/ Brittany Lauda

Brittany Lauda’s Anime ABCs ft. Clifford Chapin

Online VO Class: Master Direction w/ Patrick Seitz

Recording from Home Workshop with Michael Sinterniklaas

ADR Group Workshop w/ Extra Terrible Studios ft. Griffin Puatu

ADR Group Workshop w/ Extra Terrible Studios ft. J. Michael Tatum

Voiceover Acting Workshop with Shawn Gann and Joel McDonald

Professional Game VO Recording at Home w/ PCB Productions

Singing Lessons from Jacob Burton

Commercial Coaching w/ Kelly McGee

Vocal Lessons from Sarah Ruth Thomas

Private Lesson from Reece Bridger

Misc. Skills: 

  • Animal/Creature Vocals

  • Singing Voice-Tenor

  • Graphic Design

  • Dialogue Writing

  • Illustration/Character Design


Recording Setup:

*Microphone: Sennheiser MKH 416/Neumann TLM 102

*Audio Interface: SSL2 Audio Interface 

*DAW: Reaper

*Available for live direction.


  • Source Connect

  • Skype

  • Zoom

  • Discord