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Belsheber Rusape Jr. Headshot.jpg

About Me~!

-African Native (Zimbabwean) Voice Actor based in TX. 

-Voice Acting since 2016


-Remote Capable

-University of North Texas Alumni (Class of '21) 

-BFA in Interdisciplinary Art and Design Studies

-Graphic Designer |  Artist | Writer

For Demo Reel Scripting, click the button below:


  • Treated Closet Booth (Broadcast Quality Confirmed)

  • Neumann TLM103

  • Mic-parts S87

  • Neumann TLM102

  • Sennheiser MKH416

  • SSL2 Audio Interface


  • Source Connect Standard

  • Session Link Pro

  • Zoom

  • Discord

  • Wi-Fi and Hardwired

  • 859.1 Mbps download / 866.2 Mbps upload


  • Private Lesson with Mick Wingert

  • Private Lesson with David Sobolov

  • Private Lesson with Richard Horvitz

  • Private Singing Lessons from Niko Vargas

  • Private Commercial Coaching w/ Donovan Corneetz

  • Brittany Lauda’s Anime ABCs ft. Clifford Chapin

  • Advanced Booking JRPGs with Katelyn Gault

  • Online Anime Class w/ Amber Lee Connors

  • Online VO Class: Mary Elizabeth McGlynn

  • Online VO Class: Master Direction w/ Patrick Seitz

  • What EVIL Director's Want with Christian La Monte

  • Recording from Home Workshop with Michael Sinterniklaas

  • VO Workshop for Animation and Games with Brook Chalmers

  • ADR Group Workshop w/ Extra Terrible Studios ft. Griffin Puatu

  • ADR Group Workshop w/ Extra Terrible Studios ft. J. Michael Tatum
    Expanding Your Vocal Repertoire Voice-Over Workshop w/ Lani Minella

  • NYAV Post ADR Writing 101 w/ Stephanie Sheh

  • Vocal Lessons from Sarah Ruth Thomas

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